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To know Alaska, you have to go to Alaska and with that in mind, the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association is pleased to announce that they will be hosting their annual media tour. Held from July 15-20, the tour will take place at the height of the Copper River salmon fishery season and guests will be immersed in all the facets, nuances and tastes that make this fishery one of the most celebrated salmon fisheries in the country. The guests, who hail from all over the United States, are: Meredith Steele of In Sock Monkey Slippers, Lori Lange and Brooks Lange of Recipe Girl/Recipe Boy, Brian Samuels of A Thought for Food, Lari Robling, author of Endangered Recipes, Heidi Larson of Foodie Crush Magazine and Sara & Hugh Forte of A Sprouted Kitchen.

According to Nelly Hand, the new Executive Director, “We are pleased to be bringing these accomplished food writers/bloggers up to our remote fishing community. Our salmon fishery has a legacy of sustainability, but very few seafood lovers ever get to see and learn about it firsthand.” The media trip is designed to enhance and expand the understanding for what makes the fishery unique.

Guests will be visiting processing facilities and fish counting stations. They will be meeting with fishermen, picking salmon from the net while on board a commercial fishing vessel, and learning about the nuances of sustainability directly from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. To round out the experience, the guests will savor true local cuisine when they belly up to judge the Taste of Cordova, an annual cooking contest being held at the annual Copper River Wild! Salmon Festival.

Hand hopes that the guests will share their firsthand experience live via their social media feeds, utilizing the hashtags #copperriversalmon and #copperriverwild . Hand explains, “All the guests have strong followers on their platforms and we see this as a great opportunity to excite and engage their followers through photographs, tweets, videos and informative message. Cordova is the home to our premier Copper River salmon and we are honored to be sharing our fishery, community, history and lifestyle with our guests and others who are committed to sustainable American seafood.”

For additional information, contact Nelly Hand, Executive Director:
Copper River/PWS Marketing Association
Box 199, Cordova, AK 99574 :: t: 907.424.3459 :: f: 907.424.3430



The Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association is pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado from June 20th-22nd 2014. The Classic brings together the world’s foremost authorities on wine and food, featuring seminars, tastings, cooking demonstrations and more.

The Association’s new executive director, Nelly Hand, will be there to meet with guests. Hand, who is married to a Copper River fisherman and whose father is a longtime salmon fisherman as well, grew up in the heart of this artisan American fishery and is excited to be sharing insights, updates, tidbits and tips with astute chefs, food lovers, culinary writers, and cooks.

The Copper River booth will be located in the Grand Tasting Tent, and the event organizers anticipate that Hand will be serving about 300 samples of smoked Copper River sockeye per half hour or a total of 5500 servings over the course of the event. Hand explains, “We are really proud to be exhibiting at the Classic. The Copper River season is going strong. Overall, the weather has been great and the fishermen have had a lot of fishing time with generous openers. This, of course, is a good thing for the fishermen, for fish markets and salmon lovers around the country!” As of June 12th, Copper River fishermen have harvested a total of 8,700 king salmon and 1.26 million sockeye salmon. The season for sockeye will continue through July and Copper River coho will be harvested in the fall.

Hand says, “If you are attending the Classic, please stop by our booth, where we will have samples and lots of information. Our wild sustainable American fishery is carefully managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as mandated by the Alaska State Constitution. We are excited to be sharing our beautiful wild salmon with some of the world’s foremost foodies.”

For additional information, contact Nelly Hand, Executive Director
Copper River/PWS Marketing Association
Box 199, Cordova, AK 99574 :: t: 907.424.3459 :: f: 907.424.3430
Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing

Alaska Airlines Brings Season's First Copper River Salmon to Seattle SEATTLE'S TOP CHEFS COMPETE IN FIFTH ANNUAL COPPER CHEF COOK-OFF

SEATTLE — Alaska Air Cargo today delivered 24,100 pounds of the season's first shipment of Alaska Copper River salmon to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The arrival of the fish-filled Boeing 737 marks the start of the summer salmon season and is an annual rite of passage anticipated by seafood lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest.
At least five more Alaska Airlines flights today will transport salmon from Cordova, Alaska, to Anchorage, Seattle and throughout the United States. The flights will have fresh fish from three Alaska seafood processors: Copper River Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Trident Seafoods.
Alaska Airlines plays a significant role in supporting the Alaska seafood industry, which is recognized worldwide for its sustainable fishing practices. Last year, the carrier flew more than 24.5 million pounds of fresh Alaska seafood to the Lower 48 states and beyond, including 1 million pounds of Copper River salmon.
"No other airline delivers more Copper River salmon to the Lower 48 than Alaska Airlines, and making that happen within 24 hours after the fish is pulled from the water is no small feat," said Betsy Bacon, managing director of Alaska Air Cargo. "Hundreds of employees from across the state of Alaska, Seattle and beyond spend months getting ready for the busy summer fish season."
5th annual Copper Chef Cook-off
Following the arrival of the first fish, three Seattle-area top chefs -- John Howie, owner of Seastar , Jason Franey of Canlis and Ethan Stowell, owner of Tavolata -- will compete for the best salmon recipe in Alaska Air Cargo's fifth annual Copper Chef Cook-off. The chefs will have 30 minutes to prepare and serve the first catch of the season to a panel of judges, which include Seahawks place kicker Steven Hauschka; Jay Buhner, Seattle Mariners Hall of Famer; and Ben Minicucci, Alaska Airlines' chief operating officer. The airline will announce the winner of the cook-off on Twitter @AlaskaAir. Fish lovers can follow the competition and share their favorite salmon recipes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SalmonChef. The recipes that will be prepared for the Copper Chef Cook-off are available to download at .
Among the onlookers awaiting the arrival of the first fish were 10 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan MVP Gold members, and representatives from USO Northwest, the U.S. Marines and U.S. Coast Guard, who were invited to sample the season's first Copper River salmon.
Anchorage hosts First Fish parade
Farther north, Copper River Seafoods and local Anchorage-area restaurants are also welcoming the arrival of Copper River salmon with festivities planned at Alaska Air Cargo at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. Later this afternoon, the seafood company will deliver a ceremonial first fish to seven downtown Anchorage restaurants. Promotional details and the first fish delivery route are available online at .
Enhanced seafood quality training program
Copper River salmon shipped on Alaska Air Cargo arrives as fresh as possible to grocery stores and restaurants across the nation, thanks in part to a cool chain training program required of all airline employees who handle perishables. Alaska Air Cargo employees are required to adhere tnews2.jpgo strict seafood quality standards and pass an annual food quality course.
Seafood processors and shippers follow these cool-chain standards to provide a temperature-controlled environment for proper food handling. The goal is to keep seafood moving rapidly throughout its journey on Alaska Airlines and maintain a consistent temperature range from the time it leaves the water to when it arrives at stores and restaurants.
Note to media: High-resolution photographs of the season's first Copper River salmon and Alaska Air Cargo's Copper Chef Cook-off will be posted in the airline's online newsroom image gallery by 11 a.m. Pacific time today.
Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group (NYSE: ALK), together with its partner regional airlines, serves nearly 100 cities through an expansive network in Alaska, the Lower 48, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. For reservations, visit For more news and information, visit the Alaska Airlines Newsroom at

Copper River Fishermen Bring the First of Alaska's Wild Salmon to Market

CORDOVA, Alaska, May 15, 2014 / -- This morning at 7am commercial fishermen of the Copper River will let their nets into the water to officially kick off the 2014 Alaska salmon season. Each year, salmon lovers worldwide anticipate the first harvest of Copper River kings and sockeyes and the first tastes of fresh wild Alaska salmon.

"The small boat harbor in Cordova is absolutely bustling with activity," said Kim Ryals, the Executive Director for the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association. "There's no place more exciting on the Alaska coast than Cordova at the start of salmon season. Our tiny town doubles in size in less than a month and all attention turns to the work of bringing in the fish."

Today's 12-hour fishing period will send the first of Copper River salmon to celebrations in Seattle and points beyond. Salmon connoisseurs from Anchorage to New York eagerly await the flavorful legendary fish, and restaurants and seafood counters prepare for the first wave of Alaska salmon to hit the market. "Salmon fans across the nation are wild about fish from our region, and for good reason," added Ryals. "The fish are known for their deep red hue, high Omega-3 content, incredible quality and the fleet of family fishermen who bring in the harvest."

The Copper River and Prince William Sound region is home to generations of fishing families who are proud to make the local harvest their passion and their way of life. Handling each individual fish with care, these artisan fishermen are dedicated to delivering the highest quality product to America's seafood markets.

This year, in addition to events at high-end restaurants and seafood markets, the commercial fishing fleet of the Copper River is also providing for its fellow Alaskans. "A 'First Fish' lunch at Clare House in Anchorage will take place on Saturday, May 17th," said Jeff Olsen, one of the fishermen departing the Cordova harbor. "Members of the fleet and a few of our wives will assist Chef Gerber of the Crow's Nest Restaurant in preparing a special meal for residents. Our fishermen are honored and proud to share the first of our bounty with our neighbors." Clare House provides temporary, emergency 24-hour shelter for women with children and expectant mothers over 18.

After today's inaugural opener, the Alaska Department of Fish & Game will make announcements about future openings, which typically take place on Monday and Thursday mornings.

For more info contact:
Copper River/PWS Marketing Association
Box 199, Cordova, Alaska 99574
t: 907.424.3459:: f: 907.424-3430


Copper River Participates at the 5th Annual Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Summit in Charleston

Cordova, Alaska--The Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association was pleased to participate in the 5th Annual Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Food Summit held in Charleston, South Carolina in November. The annual event gathers together food professionals, writers, chefs and culinary authorities from around the nation and presents forums, round tables, cooking demonstrations, tastings, and presentations focusing on and exploring the many facets of our country’s rich and diverse foods. For the event, Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association was a Champion sponsor and participated by hosting an information table during the Summit and by sending smoked Copper River salmon for the welcome breakfast.
Melissa Kogut, Executive Director of Chefs Collaborative, was thrilled with the turnout. She explained, “We were sold out with more than 300 chefs, food professionals and food activists in attendance. We were so pleased to welcome the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association to the Chefs Collaborative community this year! Participants got a chance to taste wild and sustainable Copper River salmon at the welcome breakfast and to talk with a fisherman who made the trip to Charleston! With so many wonderful artisan products being produced and sold around the country, we are pleased to play such a critical role in fostering an understanding about these foods and the many choices in the marketplace.”
Derek Blake, a resident of Alaska and a long time Copper River/Prince William Sound fisherman was charged with the task of going to the Summit and manning the Copper River information table at the Summit. Blake explains, “I talked to people and answered their questions about the fishery management, the season, and the returns we’ve been having each year. It was a great educational trip because a lot of these people had never spoken to an Alaska fisherman and they had a lot of questions…with so many great products out there on the market, the importance of the educational push will never end. Copper River salmon has a niche market, and we’ve done well. We also need to keep telling people that Copper River salmon is the leading salmon out there.”
Kim Ryals, Executive Director of the Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association explains, “With Copper River’s legacy of sustainability and our long standing commitment to harvesting this renewable resource in a way that future generations can be assured of its availability, we were happy to play an active role in this event.”
For additional information contact: Kim Ryals, Executive Director, Copper River/PWS Marketing Association, Box 199, Cordova, Alaska 99574

Copper River Media Tour Immerses Writers in Sustainable Fishery FROM BOW PICKING TO DOCK TOURING, VISITORS SEE COPPER RIVER IN ACTION

Jul 31, 2013

For Immediate Release
July 31, 2013
Cordova, Alaska--Copper River salmon is renowned nationwide for its rich luscious flavor and its brilliant luminescent appearance. Many seafood lovers look forward to the arrival of Copper River salmon each spring yet very few ever have the opportunity to see this wild all-American salmon being harvested and processed at the source. From July 23-28, six food professionals were lucky enough to travel to Cordova in order to see Copper River salmon in all its seasonal glory.
The Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association hosted its annual media trip, which coincided with the height of the commercial salmon season and took place during the annual CopperRiverWild! festival. Ron Ruggless of Nation's Restaurant News, Rebecca and Fred Gerendasy of Cooking Up a Story, Tara Desmond of Crumbs on My Keyboard, Nick Davidson of Outside Magazine and Chef Nathan Lyon arrived in Cordova, settled in to the Orca Adventure Lodge, and soon became immersed in the region and the fishery. The media trip was designed to give guests a holistic picture of how the sustainable fishery is deeply intertwined with the region, the geography, the fishermen, the residents and the culture of this remote corner of Alaska. The guests attended a lecture at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game where they learned the ins and outs of managing a sustainable fishery according to State Constitutional mandate. They also visited the Copper River Delta and became keenly aware of the symbiotic relationship between an intact watershed and salmon. They boarded a bow picker, which is a commercial fishing vessel, and instantly became part of the renowned Copper River fleet. At the Taste of Cordova they met local cooks and judged the annual salmon competition.
Upon departure they shared their insights. Chef Nathan Lyon, who caught his first Copper River coho, consistently posted photo and commentary on his Facebook page while in Cordova and said that sustainable seafood never tasted so delicious. Ron Ruggless, the Southwest Bureau Chief of Nation’s Restaurant News, is based in Texas and summed it up when he said, “After eagerly looking forward to the arrival in Texas-region restaurants of Copper River Salmon for more than a dozen years, I greatly anticipated meeting the people and seeing the places that brought the fish to my plate each summer -- and both matched my high expectations. There’s no more fulfilling venture than to discover where your food comes from and how it gets to you. There’s palpable pride in the Copper River products, and rightfully so.”
According to Kim Ryals, the Association’s Executive Director, “It is incredibly exciting to live at the source of this amazing salmon and to be able to share it with chefs, writers, and restaurateurs who are so committed to keeping Copper River at the forefront of nation’s sustainable seafood messaging!”
For additional information, contact Kim Ryals, Executive Director
Copper River/PWS Marketing Association
Box 199, Cordova, AK 99574 :: t: 907.424.3459 :: f: 907.424.3430 ::


Jun 18, 2013

For Immediate Release
June 18, 2013
Cordova, Alaska--On Saturday, June 15, the Prince William Sound Science Center held its 14th annual benefit gala, the Copper River Nouveau dinner, at the Orca Adventure Lodge. Located in Cordova and committed to understanding how one place on earth can maintain a reliable economy and natural environment for the long term, the Prince William Sound Science Center sits in one of the world’s richest regions boasting glaciers, numerous distinct ecosystems, a pristine rainforest and rivers full of world-famousCopper River salmon. Dedicated to ecosystem research and education, the Science Center uses collaboration and systems-thinking methods to address the global nature of today’s challenges.
On Saturday, 124 supporters gathered for the gala event to help fund science education and the research that informs it. An anonymous donor whose $10,000 match spurred on the generosity of guests generated $32,000 in support of science research and education during the “raise the paddle” pledge. At the multicourse dinner, which was cooked by Chef Laura Cole of 229 Parks, both Copper River king and sockeye salmon were served. The Fisheries Achievement Award, which is given each year and acknowledges an individual or a group of individuals who have made a significant contribution toward the sustainable use of fishery resources in Prince William Sound or the Copper River regions, was awarded. During the dockside reception, Senator Lisa Murkowski bestowed the honor upon Bill Bailey III, co-founder and managing partner of Copper River Seafoods for 17 years.
While at Copper River Seafoods, Bailey helped to grow the company to one of the largest Alaska-based food manufacturing companies, providing jobs to many Cordovans and Alaskans throughout the state. Bill originally smoked salmon at home and eventually started direct marketing his fish in the early 90s. While building the business, Bill worked with the local commercial fishermen to send better quality fish to the market and to get a better fairer market price for them. According to an official statement prepared by Copper River Seafoods, “Bill has an easy going way of mentoring and infusing his knowledge and passion for the industry into everyone he speaks with. Although he has his own family, Bill has been a father to everyone in the company. Bill genuinely cares about his co-workers and his community.”
According to RJ Kopchak, Co-Founder and Development Director of Prince William Sound Science Center, Bill Bailey personifies community-based efforts to fully realize the value of our sustainable fisheries resources. Kopchak explained, “Bill’s efforts have included promoting all aspects of the formula: Good resource management, catch to consumer quality control, new product development, marketing, and a fair return on value to the fishing fleet. We were pleased to present him with this award.”
For additional information, contact:
Kim Ryals, Executive Director
Copper River/PWS Marketing Association
Box 199, Cordova, AK 99574 :: t: 907.424.3459 :: f: 907.424.3430 ::