The fish

Prince William Sound Salmon

Pure. Fresh. Wild.

Prince William Sound wild Alaskan salmon's rich flavor, firm texture, and vibrant color comes from the untouched Alaskan waters they thrive in. High in omega-3 fatty acids, wild Alaskan salmon is known for its incredible health benefits and taste. Best of all, our salmon are harvested sustainable and processed in small batches, so you know you are doing good while getting the best.



 Abundant and sustainable, Prince William Sound sockeye has the full flavor, firm texture and deep red salmon color that makes it a poster child for wild Alaskan salmon.

 • Spawning in coastal streams, Prince William Sound sockeye are rich in flavor with high levels for healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

• Our sockeye salmon are carefully hand-picked from the net with great care.

 • The calm glacial fed waters of Prince William Sound provide a protected environment for wild salmon.

 • Abundant salmon runs provide sockeye salmon June through July making it a sound choice for the summer grilling season.